Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Quickie Book Review: How To Write Songs On Guitar – Rikky Rooksby

How To Write Songs On Guitar – Rikky Rooksby

What is it: A large format book including a lot of chord diagrams, a simple introduction to basic music theory and tips/guidelines on writing songs. The book focuses primarily and chords and has very little information on melody.

A great deal of the book focuses on the chord progression used in hundreds of hit songs, breaking them down and explaining how/why they work in a brief and simple manner.

Who is it for: Invaluable for the beginning songwriter (songwriter not musician) and a useful reference/guide for the more experienced songsmith.

My two cents: An outstanding book. As a beginning songwriter 2 years ago I struggled to get started but this book really set me in the right direction. I still use it almost every day as a reference for ideas on keys, chords, chord progressions and song structures. For me it’s an invaluable guidebook to songwriting.


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